According to the Mayo clinic’s website, below are the following symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD):

Fall and winter seasonal affective disorder (winter depression)
Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder symptoms include:

Loss of energy
Heavy, “leaden” feeling in the arms or legs
Social withdrawal
Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates
Weight gain
Difficulty concentrating

If I had to choose the one of these I’m feeling most, it’s the carbs. (By the way, they have information on Summer SAD that includes symptoms such as weight loss and increased sex drive. Medical proof that summer rocks).

I don’t think I really have SAD, though I am daydreaming about my sunshiney Costa Rican days. This is especially true on a day like today. I hated today, mostly due to the weather and it’s effect on everything. It started out with me having to walk a mile from the train station to my office next to a slushy highway in the rain/snow. Awesome.

My pants finally dried around 5pm, when it was time to go out and do it all over again. I was nervous about missing the train, so I made sure to be 10 minutes early for my train-which turned out to be running 40 minutes late. I had a great time waiting outside for almost an hour.

All and all, my day could have been a lot worse. In fact, the fact that I didn’t have to deal with this weather everyday during the last month is something to be thankful for. I had a nice day at work, a great run at the gym AND we finally got the new car today! So yes, I will be driving to work in style tomorrow, and my trials and tribulations today will only make me appreciate those heated leather seats more.

In an attempt to make the most of this evening, we just finished a great dinner of Trader Joe’s Masala Veggie burgers (so good!) and roasted brussel sprouts. Now I’m going to enjoy some much needed ‘post-bad day’ reading and relaxing before bed. I just started reading the book ‘Bright Side Up’ by Amy Spencer. I first read about it on Rachel Wilkerson’s blog, and it couldn’t be more applicable to my life right now. I definitely recommend reading this if you are also having some strong carb cravings, or experiencing any other SAD symptoms (other than the increased sex drive and weight loss of course, just enjoy that).

Good Night!


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  1. Ah Meggie, I can totally relate. I ALSO ordered Bright Side Up (much needed) but mine’s not coming until Monday.. one day after I leave for vacation. Oh well, it’ll be waiting for me when we get back. We are such peas in a pod hehe 😉

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