Happy Women’s Day : Thoughts on Hair Removal

Happy International Women’s day!

How did you celebrate? I took some time tonight to go for a run and enjoy the near 60 degree Boston weather. The boys (Ross and Mango) stayed home and made me dinner:whole wheat pasta with EVOO, sauteed peppers and spicy Italian chicken sausage topped with a little shaved Parmesan and Romano cheeses. Yum!

Before this celebratory dinner, I decided to stop in CVS on my way home from the run to pick up a few necessities: toothpaste, candles, mint face mask and razors. I haven’t had to buy many of these things since being back in the States, because both our families did a great job at buying us life necessities for Christmas presents and we’ve been fully stocked on shampoos, soaps, laundry detergent and the like. I’m sure they put a lot of thought into these gifts (ie it is no longer acceptable to be a dirty, hippie, backpacker. Take a shower, put on clean clothes and get a J.O.B)

While shopping for most things came back to me naturally, I did get stuck in the razor department in CVS. For one thing, razors costs like a million dollars. That may be a slight exaggeration, it’s more like 10-17 dollars a pack, but dang those things are expensive. With this kind of financial commitment, I decided I needed to pick out the perfect razor(s). But how? My first plan of action was to read the literature on the package to find out why one razor was worth twice as much as another. Unfortunately, most of the print wasn’t in English, and it took me awhile to translate. Nonetheless I definitely recommend taking the time to do this! Otherwise you might find yourself paying extra for SCENTED HANDLES. Why would someone want the handle of their razor to smell like raspberries? Does anybody really want this?

Once you get past the raspberry issue, there is the blade number. You can buy razors with anywhere from 1 to 1,000 blades. I usually go with a happy medium, like 4 blades/razor. I still don’t understand the blade/razor ratio. I thought a razor was a blade (hence razor-blade). Is it better to have one razor with lots of blades, or many blades but just one razor?

While I’m pondering this, I’m going to go ahead and book a waxing appointment. I highly recommend Jacquelyn’s Waterfront Spa in the North End. It’s super cute, very affordable for Boston prices, and raspberry handles are not included.


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