Green Eggs and Beer

Happy St. Patricks day! Boston is probably the 2nd greatest city in the world to celebrate St. Patrick’s day (coming in second only to Dublin). Well, greatest, or worst depending on how drunk festive you want to get.

I started out my St. Paddy’s day by getting a haircut at Adara Salon. I love getting haircuts. It’s even better when I have a Groupon!

Now we’re going to go to Haymarket and stock up on fruits and veggies to make some green SMOOTHIES. We’ll hopefully get to the green beer later, but we can’t be too crazy as we have a 5K to run in the morning! My sister and her friend are sleeping over our house tonight, and we are heading over to Davis Square tomorrow for the Ras na hEireann 5K. This will be my sister’s 1st road race, and I’m so excited to run it with her. I’m also excited that this race is sponsored by Harpoon and includes free beer in several local Irish bars after.

I tried finding some pictures of Ross and I in the Guinness Brewery for this post, but apparently I didn’t take any (that’s what too much Guinness will do to you) but I did find this one of us in a random pub in Ireland:

And can’t help but share this one (read the sign behind Ross’s head. Priceless.)



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