How you doin?

Seeing as my last post was the day before the St. Patrick’s day 5K, I thought I should let everyone know I did make it through alive and well. It was great running with my sister, and even though I totally regretted wearing my long sleeved shirt UNDER my t-shirt on this random 80 degree day in March (it took a strange combination of willpower and body insecurities not to just strip down mid-race), there was plenty of free beer to make up for my overheating/quench my thirst post race. We escaped the madness that is Davis Square bars post-race and went to The Druid in Inman square.

*I stole these photos from my sister. Remember that new camera I got last month? It’s amazing! The fact that I accidentally threw away the charger cord for the battery? A little less amazing. Luckily Ross got a new one so I’ll be back to posting pictures soon. If I don’t accidentally throw away my laptop next, that is*

It’s amazing how as I get older, running is gradually getting easier. Does anyone else feel this way? I don’t feel like I’m necessarily getting much faster, I’m just enjoying it more or something and it feels easier because I’m looking forward to it so much. The other day I forgot to bring socks to work, and I was so looking forward to running on the treadmill at lunch that I decided to run without socks. This would normally horrify me (I’ve been known to cancel a run for something as trivial as a broken hair elastic or dead iPod), and I did end up with a blister on my big toe, but I got the run in and that’s all that matters. It did take almost 8 years straight of pretty consistent running for me to get to this point, but there is no turning back now.

Oh, but this was 2 weeks ago. I’ve done a few things since then, including a weekend away in Connecticut, Cooked a lot of great food, I saw the Hunger Games movie, worked a lot, worked out, spent some quality time with my boys and had a little fun. Last night Ross and I took advantage of restaurant week here in Boston and went to dinner at Mare I’m a huge fan of Neptune Oyster and I don’t tend to try other seafood restaurants in the North End, but Mare is a good 2nd option and the view/ambiance is much better. I ordered raw oysters and a lobster roll, which I think are pretty hard to mess up (and if you do it’s probably food poisoning really bad news but luckily my dinner last night was great.

I’ll be spending this rest of this Thursday night watching the Biggest Loser on On Demand and eagerly anticipating this weekend. We have had a few very busy weekends, so I’m looking forward to some R&R here in Boston. I have an 8 mile training run planned, but also a pedicure. It’s all about the balance after all 🙂


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