Spring Cleansing!

Spring cleaning is probably something you do for your house/apartment/desk/car. What about a spring cleansing for your body though? Start getting in shape for summer now and jump start your healthy routine by:


-Cutting out sugar filled sodas and juices and drinking 8+ glasses of water a day. Find regular H2O a little blah? Add in some lemon, fresh mint leaves, or both! Unsweetened Herbal tea is great too, try a glass of peppermint tea to curb post-dinner/late night sugar cravings.


-Eating or drinking your veggies. I’ve been having a green smoothie first thing every morning, what a great way to start the day! Add in some spinach or kale, flax, and your favorite fruits (frozen fruits work well too for a thicker smoothie). Combine this with some a side salad with lunch and some steamed veggies with dinner and you’re good to go.


-Get your sweat on. Run outside, practice yoga, pump some iron at the gym, do jumping jacks in your cubical, whatever it takes.


-Get 8 hours of sleep. Or at least 7. I’ve been only averaging 6 most nights, and boy does that add up (insert temper tantrums and unnecessary breakdowns here)


-Take advantage of the better weather (that hasn’t really come to Boston yet) and get outside! Sign up for a road race, dance in the rain, start a garden. The fresh air will do you wonders! 


Maybe I’m on to something with this spring cleansing, or maybe I’m just avoiding the actual spring cleaning. Either way, happy spring, I hope your enjoying so far! I missed a year of seasons in Costa Rica, and I must say I’m happy to have them back; allergies, rain, lost hour (daylight savings) and all.


As I go try to get in my 7 hours tonight, I’ll leave you with a little pre-weekend inspiration:





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