Running Imposter

I felt like an imposter running around Boston yesterday. I was surrounded by ‘real’ runners, who weren’t actually running yesterday, since they are all tapering for their marathon Monday. No, the real runners were outside walking around, enjoying the sunshine in their 2012 Boston Marathon jackets and t-shirts. Instead of feeling great about running 10 miles, my 2nd to last long training run before my 1/2 marathon next month, I was feeling a little left out of the Boston running scene.

After spending a whole year away, I now appreciate the fact that the Boston is an incredible running city. Yesterday, I did a 10 mile loop from the North End, down Memorial Drive, over the JFK Footbridge and back down Storrow Drive:


Another beautiful site? The Trader Joe’s a hit at mile 4 when I was needing a bathroom/seriously dehydrated (they don’t turn on the outdoor water fountains until May 1st).

For roughly 49 cents I got a bottle of water, a Cliff Z Bar, a dried fruit stick and a coconut water for post run. I was tempted to buy more, but I only had a little running backpack with me and 6 more miles to go.

I’m pretty sure if Trader Joes just started selling everything, the Country’s economic crisis would be over.

Sometimes during long runs I hate stopping, but yesterday it worked well. When I left Trader Joes I started thinking I had 10 more miles to go, then quickly realized when I re-started the timer on my Garmin I had already gone over 4, which meant I had a little under 6 miles left to go. Somehow, my 10 mile run turned into a 6 mile run in my brain, and my brain luckily passed that information on to my body. I’m not sure if this logic could work for 26.2, but hey, it’s worth a shot!

I finished and felt pretty great, other than the whole imposter thing. If you are not a fellow imposter and are actually running tomorrow, good luck! And take care, record high temperatures and marathons are never a good match. When I ran Boston in 2006, it was overcast and 60s and I remember feeling overheated. While it’s great to see all the excitement going on in Boston, in addition to feeling a little left out, I’m also feeling a little stressed, about my commute to and from Waltham tomorrow. This is never a great thing to see when you live in the North End:


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