What the hill was I thinking?!


“What the HILL was I thinking?”This was the phrase we saw on a few people’s shirts this past weekend, and it was quite appropriate for the Twin Lights Half Marathon. Beautiful course, but definitely hills the whole way, and the one between mile 9 and 10 was not for the weak, thank goodness to the man blasting the Rocky theme song from his minivan on that hill, it was probably the only thing that could have gotten me through without stopping. Yeah I kinda felt like this after I made it to the top:



I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed in our 2:08 finish. I had trained a lot for this, and I’ve also done several half marathons in under 2 hours (which is what my goal was for this) Tough races happen though, it’s part of running life. I was  dealing with a lot of pain in my lower calf,shin and ankle,and pretty much fired my right leg halfway through the race, NBD. So, it wasn’t the easiest run, there could have been a few more water stops (they ran out of gatorade at every water stop, and out of water completely at a few,,not acceptable for a half marathon in 70+ degree weather). The volunteers who were there did a great job though, and it made me really want to volunteer at a race sometime soon.


I did not get pictures of us before or during the race, I’m hoping there will be some posted online, because I’m sure pictures of me dehydrated, in serious pain and hopping on my left leg are going to frame-able. My biggest complaint is that they didn’t give out MEDALS! Only the top 3 finishers recieved medals 😦 I think it may be the 1st race I ever ran that didn’t give them out to all finishers, and I hope it’s my last. It made finishing so anti-climatic!

We spent the rest of the day with Moms (our Moms) walking stumbling around Rockport and enjoying the sunshine. Please notice my twin Lights shirt in front of the Motif #1. It doesn’t get much more Rockport than that folks:





Ross and his Mom found their own little piece of Rockport named after them (Donovan’s Corner, which also appears to be Tuna Wharf. I would like to point out that Ross’ last name is in fact Donovan, and not Tuna)

One of the highlights or the weekend was our dinner at Giuseppes. I’m usually more of  a seafood fan when in the North Shore, but this little Italian restaurant was so much fun, you don’t even notice the food (which wasn’t bad at all by the way, and as I North End resident I feel I have a bit of knowledge in this area). They have a piano bar, literally the piano is a bar and it is the centerpiece of the restaurant. People go up and sing, some voluntarily, some get forced/bribed into it, and some even get challenged to a sing-off. 2 out of 3 of these situations applied to me Saturday night, can you guess which ones? Good news is, we totally won the sing off!

Race is done, Moms are spoiled and I have piano bar bragging rights. Goodnight!


































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  1. Bah! I was out on my porch watching I must have missed you somehow! Forgot about your time, finishing is a job well done!

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