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After spending a year abroad and nearly everyday experiencing new things (language, people, culture, weather, food) you would think I’d be pretty adaptable to new things, but it turns out I too, am a creature of comfort. I’ve gotten right back into a set daily routine for the week, and haven’t been straying much from that..The reason: It’s just so damn easy not to push yourself to try something new.

Last night though, I decided to do something crazy and try a new heated/power yoga studio close to work. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Prana but the locations (all 3 of them) just aren’t convenient for me during the week right now. Due to this, I haven’t been doing much yoga ( ie I’ve been a seriously stressed out bitch)

So the new class I decided to try was at 6:15am this morning, in Waltham. This meant I had to wake up at 5am. I really could have slept in a little more, but I was so nervous about being late for my first time there. I kept thinking “What if I get lost on the way?” (I drive by this place 2X everyday), “what if there is no parking open?” (because you know, the burbs are usually hopping at 6AM) “what if I forget how to do yoga, and pass-out in class (this is just ridiculous). I got so nervous about all the things that could go wrong I could hardly sleep. Despite lack of sleep and wracked nerves, I wound up getting there just fine (albeit really early) and finding out that I LOVED the class and this yoga studio, and will be able to fit yoga into my life once again (and stop being a stressed out bitch. Hopefully).

I now go to the gym at work almost everyday, but even something as simple and convenient as that was hard for me at first. I am not a novice to working out at gyms, but  I would always forget something essential (like socks, or a fully charged iPod) and had a fear of embarrassing myself in front of colleagues. You know, that first time at the work gym locker room when you forget your towel, and don’t realize it until you turn off the shower and you’re standing there naked, You of course decide to make a mad, wet dash over to the paper towel dispenser across the room without anyone noticing when a coworker walks in and you’re like “Oh, Hi Tom. This is the MENS locker room? Really?  You don’t say….”

 Luckily only 2/3 of the story above actually happened to me, but if it’s happened to you, don’t let it get you down. Making changes, even little ones, can be surprisingly daunting, but even the smallest changes can make a big difference in your life.




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  1. I’m always petrified to goto new places. It’s quite bad I usually get myself so worked up I literally make myself sick!

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