When Life Gives You Lemons…



When life gives you lemons, you can try to make lemon bars from scratch. And fail miserably:Image

Then you can forget the lemons, and just enjoy a glass of vino instead:



It happens.


The weekend was very productive,despite the failed baking fiasco- I will also note that despite looking disgusting, the lemon mush actually tastes delicious! Although my long, short week was followed by a short, short weekend, I am happy that the apartment is cleaned, the dog is groomed and I even fit in a fun 6 mile run with great friends today between rain showers!


I thought I might enjoy my wine while catching up on some TV shows via On Demand tonight, but Mango (ever the remote control hog) had already occupied the couch and insisted on watching the Celtics game.



#1 Fan!






So, while he watches the game I plan on writing out my workout and eating plan for the week. I’m seriously debating going to hot yoga at 6am tomorrow, I couldn’t think of a better way to start out a Monday. BUT I’m still seriously overtired, and I may or may not have fallen asleep in a Downward Dog pose in last Friday’s class ( this has happened to me before during shavasana,but never upside down balancing on my hands) . Maybe if I stop blogging now and get to bed the chances of me falling asleep and plunging face first into the hardwood floors in class tomorrow will be a little less likely…


On that note, good night… And go Celtics!!!



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