Red Hot Summer

The summer always goes so fast, despite the fact that the days are longer (or at least it seems that way when the sun comes up before 6am and stays out until after 8pm)! It’s not over yet, but the days are already starting to get a *little bit shorter (*Don’t shoot the messenger!) and the crazy hot dog days of summer are already starting to feel a little less crazy. Here are some things I’ve been up to this summer thus far:

-Finding a new apartment! Yes, you read that right, we are moving again! While we’ve been loving the North End and are so grateful to have found an apartment to live in in the middle of winter when nothing else was open, the living situation has been less than ideal. September 1st will find us in a new apartment in Charlestown, complete with an outdoor area for Mango! I’m sad to be leaving the North End, but not so sad about the 15 pounds I’ll drop instantly by avoiding the endless Italian restaurants and 24 hour bakeries daily 🙂 Ciao!

-Transitioning to a new job! Same company, new gig. I moved from Sales to the Marketing team, and yes, social media will be part of my duties. Which reminds me, I better start blogging more than once a month…Very excited about this new role!

-Beaching it. Although I am working in an office 40/hours+ a week, on weekends you can find me on Cape Ann, Cape Cod or somewhere in Connecticut. If there is salt water and sandy beaches, I’m there. The weather has been great almost every weekend, and there are so many great beaches so close to home:

*Blue nail polish = Essie Bikini so teeny. ❤

The boys 🙂

Some people like making love at midnight on the dunes of the Cape, Mango likes pooping there in the morning. To each his own:

Ross surprised me with a visit to Eden in Dennis and bought me a beautiful Cape Cod Screwball bracelet. Sometimes he’s okay (and by okay, I mean best boyfriend ever!)

When we’re not off to some far away, exotic beaches (1 hour plus) we take advantage or our city dwellings:

Boston Island boat rides and beaches:

Can’t forget the pre-wedding festivities for good friends:

And, family time of course. My niece is possibly the happiest two-year old ever. The secret to happiness? Fried Macaroni balls apparently:

I’m ready to enjoy several more fantastic summer weeks, however, you will never, ever, hear me complain about the early return of pumpkin beer this year. If fall tastes so good, could it really be so bad?