Weekend Update

Hey Sunday! You came fast. I hope everyone has been enjoying the weekend- it’s be sun filled and mild here in Boston. The boys and I spent another weekend at home, we are usually all over the place on weekends, but lately I’ve just been too tired by the end of the work week to get up and out. How bad is that? I blame the commute and the change of seasons. Mostly the commute. (the bad weather and daylight savings have not been helping my already long daily drive). Do you have a long commute?  This is how I’m dealing with it:

Yeah. So anyway…

Friday I got home around 7pm after sitting in traffic, nearly in tears and tried to convince Ross we should rush to catch the 8pm yoga class we had planned to attend. Ross, knowing me better than I know myself, realized that the best thing for me to do would be to immediately get into sweatpants, have a glass of white wine at watch 90s movies and pass out at 11pm.

Good call Ross! I woke up early Saturday morning feeling much better! We took Mango for a walk, went to a 9:30 am hot yoga class at Prana, stopped at Starbucks (I got a feta spinach wrap and grande coffee with 1 peppermint shot and skim milk. This drink is almost as good as the Peppermint Mocha latte, for less calories and $$$) then did some grocery shopping for the week at Trader Joes.

Saturday night we went to dinner and a movie. How original are we? Dinner was at Stoddards. I’ve been there for drinks before but never for food. I was surprised that almost all the dinner tables were taken at 5pm! Ross absolutely loved his burger and french fries, and I was pretty happy with my vegetarian pot pie with root vegetables (and half of Ross’ french fries). As I recall, the cocktails here are amazing, but since we had a movie to catch (and stay awake for) we both choose an IPA from their extensive beer list. After dinner, we saw Argo. Great movie! Not my favorite of all time, but very interesting and suspenseful. We spent the rest of the night discussing our conspiracy theories about the CIA, as well as conspiracy theories about the sodium content in movie theater popcorn  🙂 It’s been awhile since we had a date night, I think they are important  for our relationship and something that we should be better about doing weekly or at least bi-weekly.

This morning I made multi-grain pancakes with fruit for breakfast, and as a result have been super hungry all day. I love pancakes, and while the idea of a pancake breakfast makes me happy, it never fills me up for long. Perhaps it’s the lack of protein? Next time I’m going to try something like this this recipe from Men’s Health.

But for today, back to the carbs! I went for a post-pancake  2 mile run (I had scheduled a 6 mile run this weekend, but it just didn’t happen.)  A little later, our friend Scott came over for football, pizza and beer. I partook in the pizza and beer, but chose to do some blogging/ researching DIY Christmas gift ideas on Pinterest in lieu of actually paying attention to the game today. Priorities.

What are you up to for the remainder of your weekend!?


What I’m grateful for (it might surprise you)

I was walking down Newbury Street in Boston the other day and got a kick out of this sign:

“Go away, this is my month!”

In all actuality, I doubt the turkey would really mind skipping over the Thanksgiving holiday. However, if this is a suicidal turkey, instead of yelling at Santa, I think he needs to have a little one-on-one with Mother Nature. There’s nothing like a pre-winter snowstorm to get you in the holiday spirit prematurely.I just love the holiday season, and don’t mind spreading it out and making it last a little longer, but like everything it’s good in moderation. For instance, I currently have the Christmas station on Pandora included in my shuffle playlist. I’ve decided I’ll wait until Dec. 1 to go all out Christmas Carols. All the time.

Ross and I spotted this sign this past weekend, while enjoying a beautiful fall day downtown Boston:

And one lucky birthday girl (meeee!) was treated to some new LuLuLemon pants! Ross had originally picked out a workout coat for me, and bought it in my usual size yet somehow it was too small. I blame LuLu sizing and not the Peppermint Mocha Lattes (can’t resist those red cups!) Their clothes are so good though, I would still by them even if I was a size 60.

So I exchanged the too small coat for perfect fittings pants, and they will be put to good use since I’m back into the workouts full force!

I unfortunately had to take nearly 3 months off of doing yoga and running, two of the things I love most! Not due to a workout related injury, but to a freckle of all things!

About a year ago, I noticed a dark, almost black shiny small freckle/mole on the back of my right hamstring. It wasn’t big, or ugly (in fact some people I showed called it a beauty mark), it didn’t itch or bleed, it was flat and perfectly symmetrical. Even WebMD (which usually makes me sure I’m dying with runny nose symptoms alone) didn’t seem to think this particular mole was bad. Regardless, it bothered me for some reason
and I decided to go see a dermatologist- and I’m SO glad I did.

Visit #1- The derm looked at it and agreed the color was suspicious (darker than my other freckles). Since it was so small it made more sense to remove the whole thing rather than taking a piece for biopsy, so I reluctantly scheduled the appointment for the excision.

Visit #2- It only took about 20 minutes for the excision to be completed. They numbed my leg and luckily I got to lie on my stomach and play with the iPad my very generous co-worker allowed me to borrow during the procedure. 2 stitches, and 3 weeks recovery 😦 I guess this is not always the case, but my suture was in a bad spot right on my hamstring, and moving it too much in either direction hurt a lot. My derm told me he was going on vacation for two weeks and he’d call me after with the results.

Visit #3- Saw the Derm’s assistant to get the stitches out, it only took a few minutes and felt so nice not to have those damn things itching my leg for a change! I could finally not wear a band aid (the sticky part of the band aid was causing a terrible rash around my scar). I was only about 1 week away from *finally* getting to run/yoga again!

About 2 1/2 weeks after my 2nd visit I got the call with the results. The good news? I did not have cancer! The bad news? I had pre-cancer. Say what? Pre-Melanoma. I’d never even heard of pre-cancer (melanoma-in-situ), and didn’t quite know what to think until I heard the doctor telling me we would have to do another surgery to remove more. About 5X more. I basically broke down at this. I had just (barely) made it through 3 weeks of not working out and recovering, and to hear I needed another, bigger, surgery, asap, was not exactly comforting.

Visit #4- The big surgery. This time in lieu of the iPad, I had my amazing, fantastic fiance sitting with me the entire time keeping me company and asking important questions. It took a lot longer, and it wasn’t very comfortable, but having Ross there made it bearable.

The recovery sucked. I felt like I was slowly losing my fitness (and mind) a little more everyday. I was bored,anxious and angry.

I was also stupid. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in challenging times like this, but now that I’m through it, cancer and pre-cancer free (with a cool scar to show for it), I can see clearly that it was my attitude, and not my situation, that was the real issue. Being able to exercise again has taken away the boredom and anxiety, and time has taken away the anger. I am now just feeling GRATEFUL!

November is a month to give thanks (if you don’t believe me, just ask the angry, suicidal turkey above). Right now I couldn’t be more thankful for the events that occurred the past few months. Because of them I am healthy, and what is more important than your health?

I’m not going to lecture here on how you should wear sunscreen (please do!) or NOT go in tanning beds (seriously, don’t), but I will stress that if you have anything on your body that doesn’t seem right to you, get it checked out! Yes, it’s inconvenient to make the appointment and take time away from your busy life but it’s worth it. Melanoma is steadily on the rise, and the statistics aren’t good if you catch it late.

I’ve seen lots of people writing 1 thing a day for the month of November that they are grateful for. I’m little behind with this, but going to jump on the grateful bandwagon here:

This month I’m grateful 1. that I caught this early. 2. That I trust my instincts 3. for the sweaty 3 mile treadmill speed workout I did today and 4.my new yoga pants 5.My fiance who bought me said yoga pants 6. Our puppy Mango 7. peppermint mocha lattes and 8. our gas fireplace in our new apartment that’s keeping us cozy and warm in this pre-winter storm:

What are you giving thanks for this month?

An Engaging Post…Promise!

Happy fall folks! Seeing as my last post is titled, Red Hot Summer I have obviously have some catch-up blogging to do. Turns out life does go on when blogging stops, in fact this has been one of the busiest (and best!) couple of months yet. Many things have changed for us both personally and professionally. While I’ve been MIA, we moved from the North End to Charlestown, I changed jobs (same company, new role) we attended a few amazing weddings of very special friends and family, dealt with some hard medical issues, celebrated birthdays (Ross on October 16th, me on November 3rd). It’s been crazy busy (I could definitely use a little more sleep), but definitely fun and there is a lot to share, but I’ll skip right to to the exciting part…


Ross and I are engaged! On September 29th, he proposed at Doe Orchards in Harvard, MA. I was SO surprised. It’s not easy to completely surprise someone that you live with and have been dating for about 5 years. Especially not when that someone is me (I’m not exactly big on surprises, and am usually far to curious/annoying to let people actually pull them off) but he did it! It was a random overcast fall Saturday, and he somehow pulled some inception-like mind game and even got me to suggest the apple picking in the first place. Since the weather wasn’t perfect, we almost had the whole place to ourselves which worked out perfectly because there weren’t a million families and kids around when he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I’ve ever seen!!!

I couldn’t be more excited to be marrying my best friend, and I look forward to sharing the wedding planning experience on here!