An Engaging Post…Promise!

Happy fall folks! Seeing as my last post is titled, Red Hot Summer I have obviously have some catch-up blogging to do. Turns out life does go on when blogging stops, in fact this has been one of the busiest (and best!) couple of months yet. Many things have changed for us both personally and professionally. While I’ve been MIA, we moved from the North End to Charlestown, I changed jobs (same company, new role) we attended a few amazing weddings of very special friends and family, dealt with some hard medical issues, celebrated birthdays (Ross on October 16th, me on November 3rd). It’s been crazy busy (I could definitely use a little more sleep), but definitely fun and there is a lot to share, but I’ll skip right to to the exciting part…


Ross and I are engaged! On September 29th, he proposed at Doe Orchards in Harvard, MA. I was SO surprised. It’s not easy to completely surprise someone that you live with and have been dating for about 5 years. Especially not when that someone is me (I’m not exactly big on surprises, and am usually far to curious/annoying to let people actually pull them off) but he did it! It was a random overcast fall Saturday, and he somehow pulled some inception-like mind game and even got me to suggest the apple picking in the first place. Since the weather wasn’t perfect, we almost had the whole place to ourselves which worked out perfectly because there weren’t a million families and kids around when he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful diamond ring I’ve ever seen!!!

I couldn’t be more excited to be marrying my best friend, and I look forward to sharing the wedding planning experience on here!



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