Monday – 1. Me – 0.

You win Monday. You win. I really had good intentions of having a good day. I sang along to Christmas tunes during my morning commute in the rain, had my workout planned out and packed a healthy lunch.
Then Monday kicked my ass. A lot of last minute urgent stuff came up at work, I didn’t get to the gym I didn’t even eat my grilled chicken and quinoa but instead mindlessly snacked on yogurt and chocolate during the day. I guess I needed the sugar high overdose to get me through the day?
Somehow I did make it though. I sang along to more Christmas music on the rainy commute home, ran a few miles outside with Mango and heated up the chili I made yesterday to enjoy during Monday night football tonight.




So today sucked in a lot of ways, but it’s not all bad. Days like this make it easy to want to just complain, be miserable and keep the bad mood going further into the week, but you see that is exactly what Monday wants. Don’t give in to that!


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