Vision Boarding 101

It must have been something in the air this weekend, like the warmth and the sunshine and the fact that it was above freezing and not grey and dark for the first time in months (MONTHS!) but I had such a nice, relaxing, positive and productive weekend. It started off great on Friday night I taught a yoga class at YogaPower Studio. Firstly, I would love to thank all my friends and family that have been coming out of their way to come to my classes. I took a 200-hour training course all last winter, and “officially” graduated in September. I don’t quite have my master yoga plan set yet, but I absolutely love it and can’t wait to incorporate more and more yoga (teaching and my own practice) in my life (and on my blog too ;))

Speaking of a Master Plan… this weekend Ross and I made some vision boards. If you’re not familiar, vision boarding is basically an old-school Pinterest. We had a been saving a ton of magazines and brochures for this reason, and went through them all and clipped out anything and everything that peaked our interest, images, sentences, articles, recipes, etc. You don’t have to know WHY it speaks to you, just that it does. The why comes later.  Then you paste them all on a poster collage style (or any style you like) and then just keep it, look at it often, and see what happens. I happen to love Pinterest and probably couldn’t have planned my wedding without it, but it was really therapeutic to take on an arts & crafts project like this and it really helped me to just log-off an focus on the project at hand (and not who is re-pinning or liking my pin). So, my Master Plan is not est yet, BUT I took a step in the right direction this weekend and am feeling more inspired and motivated than I have for a long time.

Photo: Inspiration!


What’s on your vision board?!

*Disclaimer: While I own a kindle, I still prefer reading actual books. I also keep a journal in addition to writing on here. If you are too young to know what books or journals are, you probably won’t enjoy this blog*

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