Moving In The Right Direction

I’ve heard it said that perfection is a direction, not a destination. All too often, I find myself getting caught in the perfectionist trap. Does this ever happen to you? Thinking or obsessing too much about a perfect outcome can stop you from getting a lot of ish done in the long run. Have you ever thought, “Oh gee, I was going to go to the gym for an hour, but I’m running late and will only have 30 minutes. Might as well just skip it”. No, no, no! Let’s do the math: A 30 minute workout might be 50% less than you were planning on, but it is still 100% better than no workout at all! Also, you can fit in a pretty killer workout in 30 minutes or less. If you don’t believe me, just check Pinterest.

The workout is just one example, but can be applied to almost every aspect of life, be it diet, work, relationships, etc. You can certainly practice and perfect some things, but no one is completely perfect. 

Speaking of practice, I’ve also had people tell me they won’t try practicing yoga because they are so inflexible and would never be able to touch their toes. The truth is, depending on their flexibility, they might not be able to touch their toes (at least not without a bend in the knee), but just the action of folding forward in Uttanasana (regardless of how far away the toes are) is moving in the right direction, and the benefits of this are HUGE, both physically AND mentally.

By all means strive for greatness (and toe-touching), but don’t let perfect get in the way. Let’s get moving!

Has the thought or fear of not being ‘perfect’ stopped you from doing or completing something you wanted to do?


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