How is Sunday the first day of the week, and also the weekEND?

Something to ponder. In Costa Rica, the calendar had Monday as the first day of the week, somehow it just seems more logical.

While I haven’t been the most productive blogger lately, I have been loving reading and getting inspiration from other peoples blogs, you know the people who actually write in their blogs and are probably productive members of society too.

An old friend from home wrote a very eye-opening blog post this week about the importance of listening to your body. A great reminder that life isn’t a one-size-fits all deal, and you have to do what’s right for YOU… or else! ( and by old friend I mean someone I’ve known for a very long time not someone old in years. Do ‘old’ people even blog?!)

Another friend who recently started her OWN business Zesty Living just hosted her very first wellness workshop here in Boston. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it, but am very much looking forward to the next one! Luckily she posted a recap on her blog (Healthy Chicks), so I can still get some great tips about eating wholefoods and avoiding the diet trap there.

With such busy weeks, the past few weekends have been spent getting some much needed sleep and downtime. I’ve been working out every day during the week, and taking the weekend off. Weekly workout schedule has gone something like this:

Monday: 6am Power Yoga, 3 mile run at lunch

Tuesday: Lift at lunch

Wednesday: 6am Power Yoga, 4 mile run at lunch

Thursday: Lift at lunch

Friday: 3 mile run

I am missing my long runs on the weekends, but honestly my legs have not felt right since the 1/2 marathon last month. Despite the regular yoga practice, I am all of a sudden having knee pain, IT pain ,achilles pain, quad pain, etc. I am usually NEVER injured, so I’m not quite sure what’s going on. I plan on making a stop in the New England Running Company today for some brand new sneakers, maybe they will help! Or maybe I’m just getting old (can’t be true. I’m still blogging…occasionally)

Oh, and by the way

Happy Sunday, especially to all you Dad’s out there ❤ There was a very moving story about a single dad on NPR Friday morning, it’s a very appropriate Father’s Day tribute.


Baby You Can Drive My (Zip) Car

While y’all were sleeping in and enjoying your long weekend, I was up at 6AM getting ready for work. Since I don’t have a car, I commute by train from North Station to Waltham everyday. While I was busy with my usual pre-work morning ie chomping on my cereal and browsing Twitter, I happened to overhear on the news that the Commuter Rail would be running on a holiday schedule. When you rely on a reverse commute schedule like I do, less train times = bad news.

I obviously did the rational thing, and completely panicked. I went running in the bedroom to wake Ross up (at 6:30AM on his day off) and started bombarding him with 4 letter words about the MBTA and presidents. When he finally was awake/coherent enough to figure out what was going on, he reserved a zipcar and drove me to work. Not only was I on time, I was early and got to spend a glorious 30 minutes in a car with Ross enjoying the early morning sunshine, sipping coffee and listening to NPR.

If you don’t have a car in the city, I definitely recommend getting a zipcar membership.

The rates are much more affordable than standard rental cars or cabs, and we have had no trouble reserving a car whenver we need one, even last minute like this morning.

This being said, my everyday commute is weighing on me a lot already (and it’s only officially week 2) so I think I’m going to have to seriously consider getting a car again. Although I’ve enjoyed being car-less for the past 4 years or so, it would be great to have one for the new job outside of the city, and also for weekend trips and vacations with Mango. Any car suggestions are much appreciated!

Ross also picked me up after work, and took me to Trader Joes! He definitely won the best boyfriend of Presidents Day award. Seriously, sometimes I don’t know what I would do without him.

So, Ross thank you for saving me again! To show my appreciation I am dedicating the following song to you ❤ :